Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun Times

We have had some fun family times lately. On Labor Day we joined Wes' parents, Granny, Katy and Blake at Burger's Lake. Here is how the website described this neat place:

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Burger's Lake offers summer fun for everyone. Burger's Lake is a 30-acre park featuring a one-acre spring-fed lake for swimming.
Our facility includes:

- Two sandy beaches for sunning; wonderful big trees for shade

- A complete staff of certified lifeguards

- Over 300 picnic tables
- Six diving boards, a 20-foot slide and 25-foot trapeze
- Charcoal grills for cooking
- Plus much, much more!!!

We had such a blast here with everyone. It is a great place for young children. The girls loved the little slide where they could slide right into the lake, and they enjoyed the smaller diving boards as well. Avery told me she felt like she was at the Olympics. They spent a lot of time playing in the sand making castles and mud baths. I wish I could have taken a video of Avery on the 25 foot trapeze. Wes and I were surprised that she wanted to try it out after watching us. Wes went ahead of her and waited in the water while I placed her on the trapeze and away she went. She was supposed to drop into the water after swinging out, but she chickened out at the last minute and just hung on, so I caught her again. It was actually a little humorous, but I didn't dare laugh. We just praised her brave efforts and strong ability to hold on for so long. Wes and I enjoyed jumping off the high (about 30 feet) diving board, except for the few times when we totally busted. Needless to say, we were both sore the next day. A big "thanks" to Debbie and Ernie for treating us to this great family outing.

When we have gone swimming lately, we hear a lot of "Watch me!" from Abby as she shows us the way she swims.

Where did her hair go?

Burying Abby is hard work.

No, Wes has not lost his leg.

Anywhere is a good place to blow bubbles.

Going for a ride with Mommy!

The rest of the gang hanging out.

Abby flying high!

"My turn, Daddy!"

We went to the first football game of the year a couple of Friday's ago. The girls seem to enjoy it more and more every year. This year I kept hearing names of my past fourth grade students who were football players. I finally went through the program and counted how many of the players had been in my fourth grade classes. Turns out, I taught 11 of them. I would have never picked some of those scrawny little fourth graders out to be future football players. I have to say, it makes the game more interesting to watch when you know several of the players, personally.

Yesterday we went to the Sherman Fall Festival for the second year in a row. They really do have so much to offer. We started of the day with the annual Teddy Bear Parade. Children can bring their stuffed animals to be judged and then they get to be in a parade following the Sherman High School drum line. The girls dressed up their Build-a-Bears and we stuck them in their baby strollers for them to push. I think Abby must have thought it was a race because she took off in high gear, running, and kept a fast running pace the majority of the time. Maybe she will be our little cross-country runner??? I will have to post a picture of the two of them and their sweet friend, Sybil who joined us. Thanks Carrie for remembering your camera. Oooops! After the parade the girls also enjoyed jumping in a couple different bounce houses, painting tiles, painting T-shirts, making trail mix, and listening to a puppet show. One of the best things about this outing - IT WAS FREE!

The girls have been cracking us up, as usual, and I thought I would include a few things that come to mind that have made us laugh lately.

Avery one night at the dinner table: "This Oprah (okra) is good!

Avery during the football game: "How do they make the football costumes puffy?"

Abby after the football game: "I want to play the tuba! When I grow up I will get strong muscles to carry it."

Abby on several occasions: "When I was 5 I wore those shoes. When I was 5 I read that book."(It has been a hard concept for to grasp that she has never been 5 like Avery, or any other age over 3; only 1, 2, and 3.)

Abby when we picked up Avery from school one day: "Avery, I missed you!"

Abby after her nap today: "Mommy, I missed you when I took my nap, and I missed Avery when she went to school."

After telling her that learning how to buckle herself in her car seat was part of growing up Abby said in a frustrated manner, "I just want to eat food to grow up!"

Avery has her first fund raiser for school. At first she came home excited about selling things to win prizes, but then last night she told me, "I don't want to sell anything! I already have enough toys!" I can't say I blame her.

Today at church Abby warmed my heart. During the last song, she stood on the pew next to me holding a song book (I guess she can read the words in the book, but not on the screen. Ha!) Anyways, she really belted out "Our God Is An Awesome God" with us. She was full of joy and really gave it her all! She was too cute! Wish I could have caught that on tape too.

Avery is still enjoying Kindergarten. She has been making wonderful grades and has received a smiley face on her behavior chart every day! Way to go, girlie!

Teaching preschool has gone pretty well. I have discovered that there really is not much down time with two year olds! Abby is enjoying her preschool class as well. She has become quite a little artist lately staying in the lines while coloring and drawing things now that we can actually decipher. She just picked it up quite suddenly and often is found drawing her creations at the kitchen table.

Well, my bed is calling my name...


Andrea W. said...

Oh my gracious- I am cracking up (crying tears laughing so hard)over the "missing leg" photo! Without your caption I wouldn't have even noticed it.

Shiloh said...

Hey friend - I just found this and loved catching up! Are you coming to NCYM this year?

Maggie said...

where are the halloween pics???