Sunday, April 27, 2008

Any Ideas?

We have decided to go to Galveston for a family vacation. Any ideas of neat things for us to do while we are there? Keep in mind Avery is 5, Abby is 3, and Wes and I would like to keep our sanity.

If you have been there before and know of some great things to do, please let us know.


Megan said...

hey, we are only 35 minutes from Galveston. It would be fun to get together!

Moody Gardens is really fun. There is the aquarium, a rain forest place, and one other that I am blanking on right now. There is also Palm Beach (at Moody Gardens) that the girls would love. It's a toddler friendly little water park with sand to make it sort of beach like. There are small slides, lots of spraying things, and most of the water is really shallow.

There's also Schlitterbahn, which is good even for little kids. I don't know how brave your girls are, but they can go on all the tube rides with adults-they even have special tubes that have a net bottom in the front where the kids ride. We took the kids last summer, and it was so fun for everyone.

Kemah is another fun's probably 40 minutes or so from Galveston. There are lots of restaurants and a bunch of rides. It's kind of pricey and touristy, but still fun if you run out of Galveston stuff to do.

Of course there is the beach. Nice and gentle and warm water-the boys love the beach in Galveston even though it's not very glamorous.

There's a train museum and an airplane museum...the boys liked both of those (not as much as a water park or the beach). The train one was the better of the two.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'll let you know if I think of anything else good.

Brock Paulk said...

I echo Megan's comments - I grew up near Galveston. Moody Gardens is great. The girls will love Kemah, but I recommend bringing their swim suits as they'll probably want to play in the fountain.

Your girls would probably love the Rainforest Cafe there. Although the inside of the restaurant is similar to those here, the outside is a working volcano - super cool.

Also, if you prefer a less crowded beach, cross the toll bridge on the west end of the island to get to Surfside beach. You can drive on the beach there plus there's way fewer people. Only downside is NO LIFEGUARDS, so be careful like I know you will be anyway with your sweet girls.

If you like to eat mexican food, eat at Tortuga's at Seawall Blvd and 61st and order the "Crusted Chicken" or the "Stacked Enchiladas", and get the shrimp and mushrooms on top...

If the weather gets bad, consider Space Center Houston in Clear Lake.

You might enjoy shopping on the strand...

Y'all have fun!

Sarah P said...

And you have to visit the very special spot along the seawall (around Tortugas and Rainforest Cafe) where Brock proposed to me! Sigh...

Maggie said...

GO to Kemah! It is such a blast! Maisy still talks about it. You can ride fun rides, eat at great resturants,pet sting rays, and see fireworks!

Karla said...

Hi Naomi!
How are you doing? I have been looking at your blog, and I love it...The girls are absolutely precious! I have a blog now. It is I just started, so there isn't much on there, but I will have plenty of time to update it now, since I am off for summer break! Yeah! Are you going to Zenith this year? Okay, love you!