Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I got some cute pictures of the girls the other day in the bath together. They love bath time! I have to admit, it will be nice when they can bathe themselves without my help.

I have been messing with our new camera some more trying to figure it out. We still get so many blurry pictures which can be frustrating! We need to get a professional to help us out. I did learn some more things as read through the directions AGAIN the other night. Here are a few random pictures.

Yes, she is in a costume!

Making music together with harmonicas!


The Best Family said...

they are just precious! I love bathtime pics, and it is so neat seeing Wes as a daddy! The older one reminds me of you and the younger one looks more like Wes to me... crazy that the 2 of you look exactly the same as you did in college! Yall are still so cute! Take care!

Naomi said...

To Summer,
Thanks! We think they are cute too, of course. Yes, most people say that Avery looks like me and Abby looks like Wes. Wes does look exactly like he did in college. As for me, having two kiddos has definitely changed my body. Ha!

Elisa said...

It looks like you have a lot of fun with your girls. They are adorable ~ and musical, too! I'm seconding Summer's opinion. You do look like the same cute couple. I'm so glad to see you!

Melanie said...

Of course I remember you! I think I remember seeing you guys at a youth conference last year, too. I love to hear about how God is blesssing other youth ministries- it's incredible to be a part of, isn't it?

Your girls are gorgeous!! I'm happy to be able to get continued updates on you guys!